Top Tips for Chartering

Here is some advice for charterers

  • Luggage Small squashable bags are better than the wheeled ‘trunks’ that damage the woodwork and are difficult to stow.
  • Food Don’t go too wild buying from a supermarket . There are some superb community shops dotted around that would welcome your passing trade. Drink - again nothing tastes better than a bottle bought from a distillery on holiday!
  • Your route: Read the pilot books and study the charts carefully before you leave port. It’s hard work trying to sort an alternate destination on a heaving boat.
  • Bad weather Remember... it’s better to want to go to sea than be at sea wanting to get in. Scotland has four seasons in a day..... wait an hour or two and summer will return!
  • Damage Things break on yachts- give us a phone so we can effect a repair or get the part ordered.
  • Navigation If you go into shallow waters , steady and slow is the way to go. A knot will stop you getting into trouble. The many area charts were last surveyed by Captain Hornblower in 1866 so be aware that they don’t always reflect what’s below.
    Antares Charts are excellent-accurate and well worth using in addition to the standard charts. They’re on the Internet.
  • Lobster Pots Always pass down of these wee beasties by at least twenty metres. Their floating ropes can easily trap a yacht.
  • Help Do not be afraid of phoning David day or night for advice on navigation etc. He has guided crews in at 3 am by phone.
  • Look after your crew Sailing 24/7 is ok but can destroy the holiday feeling and leave you crew-less for your next trip.
  • If in difficulty Don’t be worried to call the Coastguard help sooner rather than later if in difficulty. My friends on the local lifeboat would rather be lifting living souls rather than lost ones.
  • And finally drink lots of water, wear sun cream and put out lots of anchor chain for a great holiday. You’ll find Scotland is a stunning place to sail.
Scottish Yacht Charters

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Charters Scotland

The rugged beauty of Scotland is of World renown. A yacht charter in Scotland is one of the best ways of exploring the country. The West Coast is sparsely inhabited and many places are only accessible by sea. For this reason, a bareboat yacht charter is an increasingly popular way of visiting the area. The scenery is spectacular and the wildlife unusual and diverse. There are lots of harbours and anchorages. We would challenge anyone who charters Scotland not to be impressed.

Charter West Scotland

One of the great things about Scottish charters is the unrivalled opportunity for peace and solitude. As anyone who has experienced the delights of a Yacht charter West Coast Scotland will testify, there are none of the crowds that are the norm in other popular areas of yacht charter UK. A cruise with Scottish Yacht Charter allows you the freedom to enjoy deserted anchorages should you wish to. The numerous islands to be found in this area mean that there is usually somewhere offering shelter whatever the direction of the wind. However one of the great things about Scottish charters is that, if you wish, there are plenty of charming coastal towns and villages offering opportunities for reprovisioning, visiting local attractions or just a welcoming pub.

Bavaria Yacht Charter

We are ideally placed to offer the perfect location for your yacht charter west coast. Our small fleet of yachts is perfect for Scottish charters, being relatively new and fully equipped. Colour plotters, electric anchor windlasses and single line reefing will all enhance the experience of your Scottish Yacht Charter. As anyone familiar with this area will testify, the diesel heating found on all our boats can be very useful on occasions. For your visit ashore, our yachts are equipped with inflatable tenders and outboard motors at no extra charge. All of these features will help to make your sailing charter Scotland a memorable one.

Yacht Charters Scotland

A widely held misconception is that it always rains in Scotland. Aficionados of cruising the West Coast of Scotland will testify to the long periods of settled weather it is often possible to encounter. Of all the yacht charter UK areas Scottish charters are the ones blessed with the longest daylight hours. In midsummer a lucky sailor who charters Scotland will find that even at midnight it is often not entirely dark. Certainly the weather will usually allow barefoot yacht charters, if that is your fancy. As a result of the effects of the Gulf Stream, temperatures are a good deal higher than is generally appreciated.

Bareboat Charter Scotland

One of the considerations when selecting Scottish charters is the ease of access to our home ports. Craobh Haven and Largs marinas are easily accessible by road, train or even air. Our summer base at Craobh Haven is about 2 hours drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh and is approximately 20 miles from Oban, which is the nearest rail link. Largs Marina, our winter base is about 20 miles from Glasgow which in addition to road and rail links has its own airport. Your yachting charters Scotland will start and end with the minimum inconvenience as a result of the locations we have chosen. Anyone who is a client of ours and who charters Scotland regularly will appreciate the ease of access our sites offer for your sailing charter Scotland.

Boat Charter Scotland

We hope that we have tempted you to sample the delights of yacht charters Scotland. Our aim is to ensure that anyone experiencing charters Scotland does so in an enjoyable and hassle free manner. Whether your holiday aim is to discover quiet unspoiled anchorage's, or to undertake longer more challenging cruises, we hope that your experience will make you agree with us that a Charters Scotland cruise is not one to be missed.

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